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Kitchen Renovations


Arguably the kitchen is the lifeblood of the home. A high-end kitchen flawlessly integrates usability and design, drawing loved ones in and reveals social and utility opportunities you never thought possible of your humble kitchen.

At All Innovative Building, we renovate luxury kitchens to encapsulate the essence of your surrounds. Countless memories are born in the kitchen and with our class leading ingenuity; everyone will cherish an invitation into your kitchen. 


We offer a stress free renovation experience and deliver exceptional results. Our testimonies echo this sentiment, and we’re always looking to outperform our latest build.

We push the boundaries of innovation and work across all scales of kitchen renovations and remodels.

We actively encourage customers to vocalise even what other renovators perceive as insignificant because we want to achieve what’s important to you.

Some customers prefer the latitude we offer to outsource the entirety of the build, which we recommended to time poor customers.

Whether you’re looking to renovate to improve accessibility, storage or integrate new technology in your kitchen, our best in class service is your best choice. 


All Innovative Building offers a full suite of Kitchen renovation services. We specifically excel in transformative design.

Our integrated kitchen
renovation services include;

  • Complete installation/renovation/installation of your new kitchen.
  • Transformative kitchen renovations, including complete demolishment.
  • Computer aided design (CAD) and accurate design illustrations.
  • Complete plumbing, electrical and gas installation.
  • Electrical lighting, ceiling and wall expansions.
  • Tiling and flooring.
  • Appliance selection advice.
  • Eco friendly kitchen renovation solutions.


A kitchen renovation is
often a larger home renovation project. We encourage customers to familiarise themselves
with the fundamentals before diving taking the plunge.

Below we’ve provide
several examples of fundamental kitchen layouts. These examples describe the
inherent purpose and benefits of each design. 

These examples will help you articulate your needs to our team so we can
work towards the best solution for you.


An efficient layout suited for smaller spaces with walk through functionality. Sometimes there is the ability to add a middle island.


This layout is for spaces of all sizes. This design usually utilises three workstations accompanied by a dining table or open space close by.


This highly functional kitchen layout has added storage and bench space in the middle, surrounded by kitchen bench tops around the perimeter.


This layout best serves apartments or lofts because of the minimal space required. Some homes may adopt this design trait for a minimalist look


A peninsula kitchen is highly functional with the final protruding bench top serving as a divider to establish a boundary between the kitchen and the surrounding rooms.



Every kitchen renovation is different. But as a guide we suggest you allow for a minimum of 6 weeks.
In most situations we can have a professional consultant or designer assisting you within a couple of business days. However, this may differ depending on your location.
All innovative building facilitates all elements of your kitchen renovation from design through to installation. We will ensure the right trades people carry out the necessary work to bring your kitchen renovation to life.
Yes most definitely. This can be arranged and will be factored into your quote.
No, we are specialise in the structural aspects of a renovation. Customers are generally responsible for choosing their own appliances. We can assist customers in finding the right supplier to fit your renovated kitchen or plan to allow for adequate spacing within your renovated kitchen.
Unfortunately we don’t. Our quoting process involves a licensed contractor working with you to scope out the necessary works. This allows you as the customer to get the best experience possible and not be slapped with hidden costs.
This is almost impossible for us to answer. We’ve carried out kitchen renovations ranging from a couple of thousand and some upwards of $50,000. It really depends on the size, materials and difficultly regarding the structural, location and design.
All innovative building can guide you through the process; we can arrange a consultation with our recommended designers. Otherwise we’ll arrange a suitable time to provide a detailed quote.
Yes we’ll provide you with detailed visual plans. These will include 3D views to assist you with accurate referencing .
We can put you in touch with our recommended financial service partners, however, All Innovative Building do not offer finance directly.
Yes, within reason we can offer you a variety of dates to ensure the renovation process causes minimum disrupt to your life.

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